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Posted by Victoria on August 28 2007
Happy birthday to our beloved Carla!

Wishing you the best on your Special Day!


Posted by Victoria on August 24 2007
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Carla Gugino has joined the cast of "Righteous Kill," a crime drama reteaming Robert De Niro and Al Pacino as New York cops chasing a serial killer.

Gugino will play the female lead, a crime-scene investigator with a dark personal life who enters into a relationship with De Niro's character.

The $60 million movie goes before cameras at month's end. Jon Avnet directs. De Niro and Pacino appeared together in only one other movie, 1995's "Heat."

Gugino recently wrapped production on the indie sports drama "Our Lady of Victory" and next appears opposite Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott's Universal release "American Gangster." She played Vince's agent/girlfriend Amanda in Season 3 of "Entourage."


Posted by Victoria on August 16 2007
The highly praised film The Lookout was just released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc this past Tuesday!

The Lookout stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (TV’s “3rd Rock From the Sun,” “Brick”) as Chris Pratt, a once-proud high school hockey standout whose short-term memory fades away following a brutal car crash. With his best days behind him, Chris toils as a nighttime janitor at a local bank until a group of crooks seduce him into carrying out their heist plans.

The Lookout boasts an eclectic cast of characters that highlight the suspenseful story. Including Carla Gugino (Sin City), Veteran film, TV and Broadway star Jeff Daniels (“Good Night, and Good Luck”, “The Squid and the Whale”) plays Chris’ sardonic, blind roommate with a dark past. Up-and-coming starlet Isla Fisher (“Wedding Crashers”) employs her considerable charms to lure Chris into the gang, which is led by Gary, played by Matthew Goode (“Match Point”).

I have already received my copy and I highly recommend buying this brilliant, edge of your seat thriller! Here is a look at the amazing cover art for the DVD. Make sure to pick up a copy today!

Availible on DVD and Blu-ray Disc

Total run time : 99 minutes

Extras include:
“Behind the Mind of Chris Pratt”
A feature exploring Joseph Gordon Levitt’s
critically-acclaimed portrayal of the main character

“Sequencing The Lookout“
Making-of featurette
Audio commentary from filmmaker Scott Frank and
cinematographer Alar Kivilo

For more information on the Lookout, check out the Official Site and take a look at these clips! The Lookout - Heist, Who has the power, Bonus Clip: The Story

I have also updated the gallery with some rare promotional stills of Carla in The Lookout


Posted by Victoria on August 16 2007
Apologies for the lack of gallery updates recently, there was a problem with access to the server. Not to worry though, all problems have been resolved and I have finally updated the gallery with the following beautiful pictures of Carla

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ScreenCaps - Entourage Season 3 Episode 15
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Posted by Victoria on August 8 2007
Carla Gugino has joined the cast of Watchmen, the Warner Bros. adaptation of the DC Comics limited series.

She joins the cast of the recently announced Patrick Wilson, Jackie Earle Haley, Matthew Goode, Billy Crudup, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Malin Akerman in the Warner Bros. movie, which is set in an alternate America that has passed a law banning costumed crime fighters. When one is murdered, the remaining members set out to solve the mystery.

Gugino will play Sally Jupiter, a burlesque dancer-turned-costumed heroine and sex symbol the Silk Spectre who is part of the Minutemen, a group of heroes who preceded the Watchmen. She also is the mother of the new Silk Spectre (Akerman). In the gray world of Alan Moore's comic, Jupiter is one of the most morally ambiguous characters, a possible lesbian whose "mask" is her own sexuality. At one point, she is sexually assaulted by fellow hero the Comedian. This leads to a second, consensual encounter during which Jupiter's daughter €” Laurie Juspeczyk, a.k.a. the second Silk Spectre (to be played by Malin Akerman) €” is conceived. Despite his sadism and abusive tendencies, it is implied throughout the comic that Sally harbors feelings for the Comedian into old age.

Gugino is expected to portray Jupiter in varying eras, playing different ages throughout the movie. Shooting is set to start this fall in Vancouver.


Posted by Victoria on July 27 2007
Naomi Watts, 38, and boyfriend Liev Schreiber, 39, welcomed son, Alexander Pete Schreiber, on July 25.

Last weekend, Watts and Schreiber threw a baby shower at their Los Angeles home. The gathering was a small and 'intimate' one, of some of the couple's family and friends that included actresses Kate Hudson, Isla Fisher, Robin Tunney and Carla Gugino.

The guests at the party spent time sitting 'around the pool barefoot and making necklaces'. Watts had earlier revealed that she was looking forward to becoming a mother for the first time.


Posted by Victoria on July 8 2007
Carla Gugino and David Boreanaz are starring in "Our Lady of Victory," a basketball drama directed by Tim Chambers. Whitney Springer is producing the movie, which is being executive produced by former Philadelphia 76ers owner Pat Croce. Marley Shelton, Ellen Burstyn, James Rebhorn and Phyllis Somerville also are on the team.

Set against the backdrop of the 1972 feminist movement, "Victory" tells the true story of sassy newlywed Cathy Rush (Gugino), who becomes the head basketball coach at a tiny, all-girls Catholic college, a team with no gym and no uniforms. She eventually leads the team to the first national championship in women's basketball, while the school's nuns fight to keep the owners from selling the institution and its land to developers. Chambers, who got the rights to the Rushes and the nuns, wrote the screenplay. Boreanaz is playing Rush's husband. Shelton will be a nun, and Burstyn will portray the mother superior.

"Victory," which begins production this week in Philadelphia, is the first movie out of the door for Croce and his Philly-based Quaker Media."There was pressure to do this elsewhere, like in North Carolina, but it's a Philly story and so all production is taking place here," said Springer, who described the movie as "Hoosiers" meets "Sister Act."


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