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Carla Gugino Talks Watchmen!
Posted by Victoria on January 31 2008
Carla Gugino will be playing the role of Sally Jupiter, the original Silk Spectre, in Zak Snyder's Watchmen. While at the SAG Awards, MTV Movies Blog got the chance to ask her about the role.

It was really one of the craziest, most fun roles I've ever gotten to play," Gugino said. "I start at 25 years old in the 1940s, and I age to 67 years old with full prosthetics in the 1980s. [Sally] is a larger-than-life character. She's a costumed crime fighter, but her idea of a costume is very Bettie Page-meets-[Alberto] Vargas."

Gugino's character is a burlesque-dancer turned superhero, who turns out to be the most PR savy of the heroes. She also becomes a mother figure to the team of heroes, and later passes the torch to her daughter (played by Malin Akerman) and retires - but not before possibly having been raped by one of her teammates. That hero is the Comedian, played by Jeffery Dean Morgan, and it is his murder that sparks the plot of the comic series and film.

"The rape scene is pretty crazy that Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I have," Gugino insisted. "Not that I would say that's the one I really want you guys to see. ... The title sequence of this movie is going to be extraordinary. We spent many weeks over the time of the shoot shooting it. That's going to be a very, very special thing that wasn't scripted, that will be really empowering."

Gugino describes the opening credits as an effort of Snyder to establish the world of Watchmen - one that nearly mirrors our own, but not quite. "It incorporates real history and the fictitious world of Watchmen, and so it's very cool," Gugino explained. "We meet Nixon and all sorts of people."

It is clear that Gugino was impressed with her experience on this film. "It was really great," she remembered of the Canadian shoot. "The cast is extraordinary; we all really bonded with each other. [Director] Zack Snyder has such a very strong and clear vision for this piece." Source


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